Announcing the launch of love bug foundation inc.

Pet food assistance program available for senior citizens, disabled persons and veterans in Clayton County and Fayette County offered by love bug foundation inc.

Tyrone, GA; February 23, 2015 – love bug foundation inc. is pleased to announce its launch. Our mission is to preserve the bond between pets and the people that love them. love bug foundation inc. offers a pet food assistance program providing a monthly food supply for up to two (2) cats or dogs per household. The pet food assistance program is open to senior citizens, disabled persons and veterans residing in Clayton County and Fayette County Georgia who are experiencing financial hardship. Additional assistance programs will be launched at a future date.

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501(c)(3) status granted!

love bug foundation inc. received notification today the IRS has approved our application for tax exempt status. We are now officially a public charity and our donors can deduct contributions under IRC Section 501(c)(3).

Please note that it may take a month or more for our organization's name to appear in the IRS database Exempt Organizations Select Check. Until such time that our organization is entered into the database, you can confirm our 501(c)(3) status by viewing our determination letter.