First cat food donation made in honor of 16 years of love

On Wednesday of this week we received our very first pet food donation . . . and the story behind it is a special one. We had the pleasure of meeting Heather Middleton of the Clayton News-Daily and when she arrived at our meeting she had with her a bag of canned cat food. As we were talking, she started to speak of her beloved cat Cleo who was her friend, companion and co-author for an amazing 16 years. Sadly, Cleo passed away but it was clear that he will live forever in Heather's heart. The food that she brought with her was from Cleo's last days; and, she was able to donate it  knowing that it would make a difference for a family. The love she had for Cleo was touching and we promise to continue doing our best in his honor.

Heather, thank you.