Last call for May pet food distrbution

Today is the final day to apply for pet food assistance for the month of May. Please call 404-419-6349 to apply or complete our online application form. We will begin pet food distribution on Monday. Applications received after 4/30/2015 will be processed for our June distribution.


AmazonSmile here we come!

Love Bug Foundation Inc. is now a registered charity with AmazonSmile. This means that you can help feed hungry pets every time you shop at Amazon.com. All you have to do is click the link below, log in and select us as your charity. AmazonSmile will donate 0.5% of every eligible purchase made.

This is an excellent way to help support our cause so PLEASE, take a few seconds to sign up and remember to start your shopping at smile.amazon.com.


National Dog Fighting Awareness Day

Today is National Dog Fighting Awareness Day and for us, it holds a place near and dear to our heart. Reily (aka Reily Roo, Roo Bear, Rooty, Tooty), the dog for which the love bug foundation was named after was used a bait dog. She refused to fight and so was used to train the dogs that would. Her body bore the scars of the abuse yet somehow her personality escaped. Despite horror that we will likely never truly understand she was the sweetest, most affectionate and most trusting dog. She would do anything for a pet and a treat and truly served as an ambassador to her breed. Unfortunately, many other dogs are not lucky enough to escape. Some are forced to fight to the death while others are so physically or emotionally damaged they cannot be saved. Beyond building awareness, it's imperative we take a stand against such cruelty. If you see something or suspect something, please report it. You just might save lives. Sweet Reily - we miss you!


1st pet food delivery made

Late last week I had the pleasure of delivering the very first supply of pet food. As I was winding my way through back roads trying to find my final destination I was thinking of what this experience would be like -awkward, interesting, enlightening. I was't sure what to expect. When I called "Ms. Jones" to tell her I was almost to her home I could hear the excitement in her voice. When I arrived she was waiting in her garage for me with a huge smile on her face. "Ms. Jones" baby is a 10-year old poodle and is her primary companion. "Ms. Jones" is a recipient of the Meals on Wheels program and confided that she often shares her daily meal with her baby to make sure he is fed.

As I was moving the bag of dog food into her garage she was saying "thank you" over and over again - she couldn't say it enough. Between the smile on her face and her expression of gratitude, I was overcome with this very strong feeling that yes, love bug foundation is doing the right thing. If we can bring a smile to someone's face and help keep them together with their pets, it's more than worth it. This was an amazing experience and I hope we can continue making an impact.

- Stephanie