1st pet food delivery made

Late last week I had the pleasure of delivering the very first supply of pet food. As I was winding my way through back roads trying to find my final destination I was thinking of what this experience would be like -awkward, interesting, enlightening. I was't sure what to expect. When I called "Ms. Jones" to tell her I was almost to her home I could hear the excitement in her voice. When I arrived she was waiting in her garage for me with a huge smile on her face. "Ms. Jones" baby is a 10-year old poodle and is her primary companion. "Ms. Jones" is a recipient of the Meals on Wheels program and confided that she often shares her daily meal with her baby to make sure he is fed.

As I was moving the bag of dog food into her garage she was saying "thank you" over and over again - she couldn't say it enough. Between the smile on her face and her expression of gratitude, I was overcome with this very strong feeling that yes, love bug foundation is doing the right thing. If we can bring a smile to someone's face and help keep them together with their pets, it's more than worth it. This was an amazing experience and I hope we can continue making an impact.

- Stephanie