Pet food assistance applications due June 5

Please remember to submit your applications for pet food assistance by June 5 for the June distribution. Even if you have previously applied for pet food assistance and been approved you are required to call each month to renew your application. Applications are approved on a first-come, first-served basis determined by the current month's supply of food available.


New pet food drop off location: Fayette County Clerk of Courts office

Great news for those in Fayette County interested in donating to our pet food assistance program . . . The Fayette County Clerk of Courts office is now a permanent pet food drop off location for the love bug foundation. Both dog and cat food can be dropped off at the Clerk's office during normal business hours of 9AM to 5PM Monday through Friday. If you happen to be visiting the courthouse take a look at the monitors - there is a great announcement letting people know about us. Thank you to all who made this happen :-).


Pet food assistance program - Updates and reminders

As we move full speed ahead with our pet food assistance program it has become necessary to provide clarification around who qualifies for the program and what type of requests we can accommodate. We have updated the pet food assistance page to reflect these updates.

  1. Assistance is available to seniors age 60 and above UNLESS the individual applying is disabled or a veteran. 
  2. We cannot accommodate requests for (a) specific brands of food (i.e. Purina, Blue, Pedigree, etc.), (b) canned food vs. dry food or (c) requests for food that is for an animal other than a cat or dog.
  3. We can accommodate requests for food based on age: puppy/kitten, adult, senior.
We hope this information helps to clarify the process. We're happy to answer any questions you may have.


500+ lbs of pet food distributed in May!

We are excited to let you know that for the month of May we distributed more than 500 lbs of pet food to families in Clayton and Fayette County. To be able to help these families has been a rewarding experience and we look forward to the coming months. If you know of someone who could benefit from our pet food assistance program, please send them our way. To all of our donors who have made this possible, THANK YOU!


Announcing our newest Board member - Sheila Studdard

We are pleased to announce that Sheila Studdard has joined our Board of Directors. Sheila currently serves as the Clerk of Superior, State and Magistrate Courts for Fayette County after she was elected in 2000. She is a former police officer and detective for the Atlanta Police Department.

Shelia is a member of the Superior Court Clerks’ Legislative Committee, is an appointee to the Board of Commissioners of the Superior Court Clerks’ Retirement Fund of Georgia by Governor Sonny Perdue and has since been reappointed by Governor Nathan Deal. Sheila has served as chairman of the Fund since 2009.

Sheila earned her Bachelor of Science at Mercer University and was awarded her Master of Science degree from Georgia State University. Both degrees are in Criminal Justice.

Sheila and her husband David along with their son Jack live in Fayetteville.

Please join us in welcoming her!