Pet food drive in Fayette County starting July 13

Beginning the week of July 13 the Fayette County Clerk of Court's office will be leading a pet food drive. If you plan to be in the area please consider donating - every bag or can of food helps. A drop box is available in the lobby of the Court House.

Fayette County Clerk of Courts
Fayette County Court House
1 Center Drive
Fayetteville, GA 30214
Tel. (770) 716-4290


Pet food assistance applications due July 5

Please remember to call/email to apply or reapply for pet food assistance in the month of July. The deadline is July 5.


Do you have $4 to spare?

Do you have $4 to spare? If so, Publix has a buy one get one free special on small bags of Pedigree dog food and Purina cat food. On top of that Pedigree has a coupon for $1 off which means for less than $4 you can help us feed a pet in need. Click here to access the coupon: http://www.pedigree.com/05offers/. A list of of our drop off locations is here: http://bit.ly/lbfdrop. Thank you!


June update - Success!

Our June pet food distribution was a success!

Our month began with an incredible donation of more than 300 lbs of pet food from the Fayette County Clerk of Courts office as a result of a food drive. THANK YOU! This donation was critical in enabling us to distribute more than 500 lbs. of cat and dog food needed by our community this month.

This month is also exciting as we were approached by the Clayton County District Attorney Tracy Graham Lawson to become one of the organizations they support through their Pre-Trial Intervention and Diversion Program. This opportunity will go live in August of this year and again, we are so thankful.

A few reminders . . .

  • Recipients of pet food must reapply for assistance each month. If you know of someone receiving support please make sure they call us at 404-419-6349 to renew their application.
  • Pet food distributions occur on a monthly basis with the deadline being the first Friday of the month. Applications received after that date will be considered for assistance the following month.
  • Our pet food bank needs constant restocking. If you want to help out please consider donating a bag of cat or dog food.

Seeing the smiles on our recipients faces makes this a very worthwhile and touching endeavor and we could not have done this without the help of all of our supporters. On behalf of happy tummies, thank you!