November update

November is the month for giving thanks and we could not be more appreciative of all of the individuals that have helped us make an impact in our community. From the individuals that supported us when love bug foundation was just an idea to those that donated bag after bag of food, made donations or volunteered their time and knowledge, each one of you plays a large part in our success. Since our first bag of pet food was distributed in April of this year we have distributed thousands of pounds of cat and dog food and assisted more than 40 families. We are humbled.

You may have noticed that our distribution volume decreased a bit this month. Although this is our first decrease in volume the reasons were such that they brought a mixture of sadness and also pride in people doing the right thing. In some instances a few families were unable to keep their pets despite our efforts to help them through tough times. In other circumstances families told us that they were "doing okay" this month and would like for others less fortunate to have the pet food. In a world where people often take advantage of others, this gesture of kindness was refreshing. The people we serve often struggle to keep food on their own plates much less that of their pets and to still have the desire to share with others is amazing. You are inspiring.

Stay tuned as we bring up updates for December and the coming new year.